Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

8th January 2007

Workload - Taking the Campaign Forward

The results of the recent ballot on workload are as follows:


Do you support the guidelines published by the NUT on removing unnecessary workload?

Number voting YES: 40,892 (99.05 per cent)
Number voting NO: 394 (0.95 per cent)


Would you be prepared to support a ballot for school-based industrial action, without loss of pay, in order to address the problem of unnecessary workload where locally supported negotiations are unsuccessful?

Number voting YES: 35,792 (87.22 per cent)
Number voting NO: 5,243 (12.78 per cent)

The results demonstrate a high level of support from members for the Union's guidelines and its determination to reduce the current unacceptable teachers' workload.

As indicated in the guidelines on Teachers' Workload and Working Time Policy, further information will be sent to members following the closure of the ballot. Advice on working with colleagues within schools to address members' concerns is under preparation for school representatives. This advice will assist representatives when raising issues with their headteachers.

We have arranged for Regional Secretary, Brian Carter, to put on a training session for school representatives. This will be the third training session that we have provided over the past eighteen months and we are hopeful that it will be as well attended and helpful as the previous sessions. The theme of the session will be on negotiating with management, specifically with the intention of assisting school representatives when negotiating next year's breakdown of 1265 hours in line with the new NUT guidelines. We also want to help people when negotiating a new performance management policy. Details are on the back page. Please email Ian if you wish to attend.


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