Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

10th January 2000

Workload: Are You A Stakhovanite?

Teacher Workload is likely to figure prominently at NUT Conference once again this year, as a major problem which leads to stress and ill-health for thousands of teachers.

City Teacher would like to remind members that several measures to limit workload are still in place; the NUT boycott on bureaucracy is still in place, limiting management-convened meetings to one per week the NUT boycott on appraisal is still in place as described elsewhere in this issue, ICT training should only take place in directed time and teacher day should come out of holidays.

During the days of Stalin's Russia, the name of Alexei Stakhanov, a miner, became famous as an inspiring figure in Soviet propaganda for his amazing powers of endurance and ability to work many hours without a break. Sadly, Comrade Stakhanov died in his twenties. His name became a byword for workers who willingly shamed their comrades by uncomplainingly taking on ever-larger burdens. Such willing Stakhanovites were highly unpopular. This unpopularity could not be expressed in a normal fashion, but there were many press reports of sabotage of, or assaults on, Stakhanovites by "backward" workers.

City Teacher would welcome any nominations for Stakhanovite of the Month for teachers who have managed to not have a lunch break for a month, spent their weekends painting a classroom, worked over a hundred hours in a week, etc. Nominations from teachers who feel they shoulder such a burden unwillingly, complain constantly and don't feel disappointed they did not win a teachers' 'Oscar' will not be accepted.


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