Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

6th November 2000

Reclaim Your Life!!

Many NUT members are endeavouring to reclaim their lives by reviving the Workload & Bureaucracy action that we have been taking for the last two years. This is particularly relevant for Primary colleagues many of whom are sinking under the amount of work and meetings that they have. School NUT groups are looking at the Beating Back Bureaucracy 2000 document produced by the NUT and discussing how best to use it to suit their individual school circumstances. Once decided they have informed the schools management that they will be taking action and started to do so.

The benefits have been great and immediate. One management meeting per week of 60 minutes frees up time to do work that is more useful for delivery in the classroom or to go home and HAVE A LIFE! You can politely stand up and leave after 60 minutes, indeed the management will be expecting you to because you will have already told them that that is what you will do. We all know that we can fill one hour, two hours, three hours etc discussing school issues. The meeting can fill the space allotted. So make the amount of time short, get through the business briskly and GO HOME.

Remember, it is managements responsibility to ensure that the school runs smoothly and the children are taught. The NUT (also the NAS/UWT) are taking INDUSTRIAL ACTION. We are not prepared to sacrifice our health and well being for our jobs. We are not weak and will not be made to feel weak or that we are somehow letting the pupils down. We have been let down by successive governments who have a willful regard to teachers working time and conditions. ENOUGH!!

And while we are thinking about it, we should be giving notice to each and every head that we expect him or her to find a way of providing non-contact time for primary teachers. Not just 10 minutes when you don't have to stay in assembly but proper, regular, serious non-contact time that will only be taken away in an emergency. Non-contact time for primary teachers to try and do some of the mountains of work that they are presently doing in the early morning, late at night or at weekends.

If your primary school does have non-contact time, please contact Jane Rolfe at the NUT office so that we can find out how your school has managed it and can pass on how this good practice is arranged to other colleagues.



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