Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

5th November 2014

NUT wins breakthrough on teacher workload

There were recently some important developments in our campaign to win improvements on teacher workload.

On Friday Ofsted published a set of "mythbusting clarifications" about their expectations when visiting schools.

Ofsted inspections - clarifications for schools

It is a very useful document, which should be used in schools to win improvements for teachers on things like planning, lesson observations, marking, use of data. It can help bring an end to the culture of teachers being asked to do things because "it is what Ofsted want to see". Alongside this, Nicky Morgan has written to headteachers saying that these clarifications should help bring about a reduction in teacher workload.

Her letter says, Teachers are best placed to make decisions about how and what they should teach. We trust them to exercise their professional judgement and we want to free them up to focus on what really matters in their jobs.

This letter and the Ofsted clarifications, which can be seen on the NUT website, are very significant and have come about as result of the pressure the NUT has applied through our campaigning and strike action.

They follow statements from Nicky Morgan that she sees reducing teacher workload as a top priority; Christine Blower and Kevin Courtney will be holding her to those words, and this letter, when they meet with her. We should be proud that the NUT has created a real opportunity for us to work with schools to make sure that both the Ofsted guidance and Nicky Morgan's letter are used to make a genuine difference for teachers and children. We need to make sure this happens.


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