Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

Peter Flack, Assistant NUT Secretary, 5th October 2017

Guidance to members on Examinations and Assessments

Scrutiny of teachers' work is constant. Over recent years Leicester NUT has dealt with a number of examples of situations where members were investigated over malpractice in the conduct of examinations or assessments, especially controlled assessments. These were under school disciplinary procedures and could have led to dismissal. We have also been made aware of circumstances where a member of staff was verbally invited by a manager to offer greater levels of help to students/ pupils than the regulations permit.

Whether it is a SAT test, a phonics test, GCSE or an 'A' level practical examination, it is important that members are:

a) fully conversant with the relevant regulations and
b) do not seek to vary these in any way without formal authorisation in writing from the person in charge of the centre.

The Joint Council for Qualifications publishes detailed guidance on the conduct of external examinations like GCSE's, controlled assessments, practical examinations and vocational courses. If in doubt consult their website and in the event of any concerns contact Leicester NUT Office.