Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

8th May 2017

Fullhurst Community College's probationary policy

Fullhurst Community College is introducing a probationary period for all teachers that it employs. This means that all new employees are required to complete 6 months (26 weeks) satisfactory probationary service before their appointment is confirmed. There are reduced rights for probationary teachers regarding capability and disciplinary actions.

The NUT's response was a rejection of what we believe is a hostile and provocative action by the college:

We (the NUT) have particular concerns about the Probation Procedure and its extension to include teaching staff. We are shocked that at a time of crisis in teacher recruitment Fullhurst Community College's response is to introduce such a policy. This can only be interpreted as a provocative and hostile act and should it be implemented we would have no alternative but to advise NUT members to avoid applying to work at Fullhurst Community College.

Under the circumstances, Leicester NUT advises members not to accept such a contract and not to seek employment at Fullhurst until the policy is dropped.


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