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29th March 2017

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City of Leicester Teachers' Association was formed in 1869 and pre-dates the National Union of Teachers by a year, when a number of local teacher associations combined to form the National Union of Elementary Teachers following the 1870 education act. The name National Union of Teachers was adopted in 1889. Twenty years ago minute books for meetings dating back to 1903 were found in an attic and local officers Andrew Hind and Steve Ruffle put together a booklet, A Life of Continuous Strain, using extracts from the minute book.

With the 150th anniversary of The City of Leicester Teachers' Association approaching in a couple of years time, I have decided to introduce a regular section of quotes and snippets from those minute books. In fact, this month's piece is taken from the president's (Mr R Wild) address from the very first national conference, under the name of the National Union of Teachers, in 1889. Plus ├ža change.

Payment by Results

Payment by Results


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