Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

13th February 2009

Extreme Teachers

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Eager to share their exhilarating experiences with colleagues, a few city teachers have forwarded snapshots of their 'reasonable' efforts to get to their 'schools and settings' last week.

Amidst all this bravery, it must be remembered that teachers should responsibly assess the Health and Safety risks of getting to work, as should their employer as part of their legal ‘Duty of Care’.

Teachers might well have benefited from further guidance on the concepts of ‘reasonable’ and ‘duty of care’, but unfortunately, on checking availability of local training course places, it appears that Gareth Williams (Director of CYPS Leicestershire) has apparently nabbed the final place on offer.

Perhaps such snow flaky confusion has arisen because the Teacher's Associations take for granted that the Economy exists to service an improved quality of life, whereas apparently the Employers side know our lives exist to service the improved quality of our Economy. Bizarrely, this has shed some light on the logic behind the Academy proposals - which otherwise made no sense at all!

On a more serious note, members may have seen that Mill Hill School in Ripley closed and sent over 1,000 students home after a student slipped on ice suffering head injuries. If only the school had realised the dangers and closed earlier!

Leicester LA, who have criticised schools for closing in the recent bad weather, should realise that they may well be legally liable for damage and injuries that occur because schools have stayed open!


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