Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

15th January 2007

Consultative Ballot on Workload

The results are as follows:

Number of ballot papers received41,362
Number of ballot papers found to be wholly blank / spoilt / invalid55
Number of ballot papers included in the count41,307


Do you support the guidelines published by the NUT on removing unnecessary workload?
Number of ballot papers found to be wholly blank / spoilt / invalid21
Number of ballot papers counted for this question41,286
Number voting YES40,892 (99.05%)
Number voting NO394 (0.95%)


Would you be prepared to support a ballot for school-based industrial action, without loss of pay, in order to address the problem of unnecessary workload where locally supported negotiations are unsuccessful?
Number of ballot papers found to be wholly blank / spoilt / invalid272
Number of ballot papers counted for this question41,035
Number voting YES35,792 (87.22%)
Number voting NO5,243 (12.78%)

The results demonstrate a high level of support from members for the Union's guidelines and its determination to reduce the current unacceptable teachers' workload.

As indicated in the guidelines on Teachers' Workload and Working Time Policy, further information will be sent to members following the closure of the ballot. Advice on working with colleagues within schools to address members' concerns is under preparation for school representatives. This advice will assist representatives to raise issues with their headteachers.

The intention is for the additional material referred to above to be circulated at the beginning of the new term.

"The high level of support for the Union's guidelines and for a ballot for school based action over workload, illustrates the inadequacy of the workload agreement betwen the Government and other teacher organisations," said Steve Sinnott, NUT General Secretary.


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