Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

13th July 2018

Hazel Danson elected

Congratulations to Hazel Danson on being elected as the NEU's National Treasurer.


13th July 2018, Julie Walters-Nisbett

Black Teachers' Network AGM

Guest speaker at the Black Teachers' Network AGM was Marcus Shepherd, head teacher of Merrill Academy.


12th June 2018

Leicester Schools UnitEd : A Linking Network Project

Leicester Schools UnitEd are looking for schools that would like to take part in a pilot school linking project where a class from your school is linked with one from a demographically different school in another part of Leicester.


6th June 2018, Andy Haynes, Leicester H&S Officer

Health & Safety Matters

Stress and Mental Health

Recent data collected through freedom of information requests has revealed a 5% rise in the number of teachers signed off work on long term sick leave due to stress and mental health. The data found that 3,750 teachers are on long-term leave for these reasons, which equates to one in every 83 teachers. The data also revealed that 1.3 million days had been taken off work due to stress and mental health in the last four years, 312,000 of which were in 2016-17.


6th June 2018, Camille London-Miyo Leicester NEU Equal Opportunities Officer

TUC Black Workers' Conference

The 25th TUC Black Workers' Conference was held from 20th - 22 April at Congress House in London, the only gathering like this in Europe and my first TUC conference! I was keen to see how black workers in other unions mobilised themselves and what lessons could be learnt by our new union.


20th April 2018

Kate needs your help

You may be aware of the situation facing Leicester teacher Kate Geraghty who was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after giving birth to her daughter:

Dying mum seeks treatment to prolong her life to give precious time with baby daughter, Leicester Mercury, 17th April 2018


11th April 2018, Joseph Wyglendacz

NEU Local Structures

As we see the NUT come to an end, what do the new local structures of the National Education Union (NEU) look like?

Essentially, anyone employed by a specific organisation (be it an LA or academy, etc.) will be members of both a District and a Branch. Some current exceptions could be: self-employed supply teachers, retired members, associate members and some student members (who would be members of a District only).


11th April 2018

Conference 2018: Burning Books

Jess Green with Kuldip
Jess Green with Kuldip

An undoubted highlight of conference was the performance of Jess Green's Burning Books at The Midlands NUT Regional Reception on the Sunday evening of conference.

A packed Empress Suite in the Grand Hotel was treated to the play introduced by Jess Green herself.


11th April 2018, Mark Smith, Leicester NUT Section Treasurer

Conference 2018: Targets, Data, Appraisal and Performance Related Pay Do Not A School Make

Mark Smith and Kuldip Hoonjan
Mark Smith and Kuldip Hoonjan

In her inaugural speech to conference, Kiri Tunks, this year's National President said:

As a child, my after-school days were spent at the back of a school hall soaking up the brilliance of a committed teacher who knew the Arts wasn't an add-on but an essential component of everyone's lives. On the wall in her drama office hung the brilliant quote from Lilian Baylis, legendary manager of the Old Vic Theatre, who said,


11th April 2018, Anne Blair, International Solidarity Officer

Conference 2018: International Solidarity

Rohingya students (now in school in Bradford) talking about their experience in Myanmar and their very positive experience of education in England.  The A level teacher of one of them was a delegate to conference and in the hall.
Rohingya students (now in school in Bradford) talking about their experience in Myanmar and their very positive experience of education in England. The A level teacher of one of them was a delegate to conference and in the hall.

Once again the NUT section of the NEU demonstrated its commitment to International issues, with 11 overseas guests including Wilson Sossion from the Kenya NUT. He spoke of the activities of the private company, Bridge International Academies, which is backed by Pearson and operates in several African countries delivering substandard education at a price. Its activities are being questioned and restricted by several governments and Wilson drew a standing ovation supporting the slogan 'Students not profits' (see picture opposite).


11th April 2018, Camille London-Miyo, Equalities Officer

Conference 2018: A hint of sadness

Camille London-Miyo
Camille London-Miyo

This was the last year that ATL and NUT sections would hold separate conferences. For me there was a hint of sadness as I saw the range of multicoloured NUT banners around the Brighton conference hall. I have been an NUT member for over twenty years and during that time I have seen many changes, most of them positive. So with this latest change I felt a mix of both trepidation and excitement at the birth of our new National Education Union. Anyone who believes that attending Conference is 'a bit of a jolly', make no mistake - delegates work very hard representing our Association's values and ideas.


11th April 2018, Camille London-Miyo, Midlands Region Disability National Organising Forum rep.

Disabled teachers

What does a disabled teacher look like?

A disabled person is defined as a person whose impairments are 'physical' or 'mental'. The deciding factor is whether the impairment has 'a substantial adverse impact' on their ability to carry out 'normal' day to day activities and whether it is long lasting (i.e. will last a year or more), although fluctuating conditions are also covered 'if likely to recur'.


11th April 2018, Leicester NUT Section of the NEU Supply Teachers' Officer, Samina Randall

Conference 2018: What Every Supply Teacher Needs to Know About Agency Worker Regulations

My first time attending the annual NUT Conference and experiencing the voting process was a great induction into how the union functions. There were many great speeches about the struggles teachers are facing in schools. I particularly liked The Data Have Landed by Michael Rosen, who gave an inspirational speech on how teaching has changed and for further change, the fight goes on.


11th April 2018, Samantha Lane, Joint NUT Rep at WQE1 6th Form College

Conference 2018: To stream or not to stream? That is the question

One aspect of going to conference is the opportunity to discuss and debate issues. One of these was Motion 21 on 'A National Education Service'. The motion calls upon the JEC of the NEU to consult and campaign for a National Education Service ensuring a fully comprehensive system that encourages collaboration and democratic control.


11th April 2018, Jessica Edmonds, NUT Rep at Slater Primary School

Conference 2018: Attending for the first time

A lot of the conversation I hear about union membership is about insurance: if something goes wrong at school, then the union will be there for you. Accordingly, there is much discussion of how expensive union membership is, especially as you progress through your career. Certainly in my first couple of years' teaching, the union being there for me was important. Firstly, my newly-purchased, branded backpack went missing from my classroom, and my NUT insurance paid out its cost. Then I needed advice about an issue at school, and my local association supported me. Now, when my school is faced with closure, causing uncertainty and stress for children and staff, the NUT are supporting us. All proof that yes, the union is there when you need it.