Leicester NUT Section of the NEU

City of Leicester NUT - Expense Regulations for Officers and Committee

The Association has made the decision to not pay honoraria for any member of City of Leicester NUT.

All expenses claims must be submitted to The Treasurer using the agreed Expenses Claim Form. Expenses will be reimbursed by The Treasurer.

Travel Expenses

For Leicester NUT committee members or members of Midlands Regional Council, The Association will pay:

  • An appropriate standard fare for travel by rail on Union business. Receipts must be submitted to The Treasurer with the claim form.
  • 45p per mile for itemised car use on Union business.
  • 25p per mile for itemised bicycle use on Union business.
  • Reasonable taxi fares on provision of receipts.
  • Bus fares on provision of receipts.
  • Airfares, where appropriate, will need to be agreed by The Committee in advance.
  • Parking expenses on provision of receipts.

Travel expenses for other members of The Association on Union business will be on the basis detailed above, but will need Committee approval in advance.


For Leicester NUT Committee members or members of Midlands Regional Council, away from home on union business (or unable to get home for a meal), The Association will pay up to £25 for dinner and £10 for lunch. Itemised receipts for food and non-alcoholic beverages must be submitted to The Treasurer with the claim form.


As far as possible, post should be via the Leicester City Council post room. Any separate claims for reimbursement of postage by committee members should be for items expended in carrying out the Association's business.

Care Allowance

Members may claim an allowance of up to £30 in respect of child care expenses incurred when attending City of Leicester Association Meetings, or meetings of Midlands Regional Council.

City of Leicester Officer Allowances


The Association will pay for a mobile telephone, up to the value of £500, and the mobile telephone bill for the Secretary, Assistant Secretaries, H&S Officer and Treasurer. Mobile phones may not be replaced more frequently that every three years.

ICT Equipment

The Association will pay for a PC or laptop, software, printer and other peripherals up to the value of £1000 for officers of the Association with the exception of the Presidential offices. It is expected that IT equipment will be replaced no more frequently than every five years.

In addition, the Association will pay internet costs and ink cartridges on provision of receipts.

Other Reasonable Expenses

The Association will reimburse other expenses approved in advance by the Committee on provision of the appropriate receipts.

Conference Expenses

Expenses for City of Leicester NUT National Conference delegates will be on the following basis:

Hotel accommodation

On a B&B basis, booked by the Secretary and/or Treasurer. following agreement by committee.

Daily subsistence expenses

£40 per day.

Carer's Allowance

A 'carer's allowance' of £80 in total for delegates who bring a partner or carer to conference.

Travelling Expenses

On the same basis as detailed above.

Other Conferences

The Association will pay travel expenses, on the basis detailed above, for delegates, approved by The Association, to attend equalities conferences and young teacher conferences where these are not funded nationally.

The Association will also pay subsistence and travel expenses, on the basis detailed above, for delegates attending other conferences and events as agreed by The Association. For example: Anti-Academy Alliance, LANAC, Education Conferences, Sixth Form College reps events etc.