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5th March

Annual General Meeting

City of Leicester NUT's annual general meeting took place on 28th February at The Belmont Hotel. Ian Leaver was inaugurated as our President for the remainder of 2018. In his presidential address, Ian spoke about the history of Leicester NUT and the challenges facing the NEU going forward. The picture shows Ian receiving the president's badge of office from outgoing president, Megan Van Brugel.

27th January

Still No Need to Rush to Academisation

Sadly, although the rate of academy conversion still remains low in Leicester, one or two schools have decided to seek a sponsor now, rather than be forced at some later date into having to accept a sponsor against their will. So, 1st January saw Forest Lodge Primary School voluntarily join a Nottingham-based Multi Academy Trust, and Overdale Junior School and Overdale Infant Schools look set to join a Leicestershire-based MAT early in the Summer term. Did they need to opt to become academies? Need school governors be worried about forced academisation? Leicester NUT says no.


29th January

Don't Work at Fullhurst!

Before the summer holiday, Fullhurst Community College 'consulted' unions on the introduction of a probationary period for all teachers that it employs. This means that all new employees are required to complete 6 months (26 weeks) satisfactory probationary service before their appointment is confirmed. There are reduced rights for probationary teachers regarding capability and disciplinary actions. Why would a teacher with a permanent contract at a school give that up for what amounts to a temporary contract at another school? We are unaware of any other school in Leicester having a policy of this nature.


30th January

Black Teachers Conference Report

We (all nine of us) arrived at the conference on Friday evening on Midlands Railway. It was an excellently organised reception. The new venue, the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre, proved very convenient as it was literally next door to our accommodation at The Holiday Inn.

Friday night's welcome meal was followed by an exciting Open Mic night, where the soulful music of our very own Linda Bradshaw was enjoyed by all.


1st February

From the Archives: Other Unions

City of Leicester Teachers' Association was formed in 1869 and pre-dates the National Union of Teachers by a year, when a number of local teacher associations combined to form the National Union of Elementary Teachers following the 1870 education act. The name National Union of Teachers was adopted in 1889. Twenty years ago minute books for meetings dating back to 1903 were found in an attic and local officers Andrew Hind and Steve Ruffle put together a booklet using extracts from the minute book. This booklet, A Life of Continuous Strain, can be found on the Leicester NUT website.


1st December

Health & Safety Matters - Equalities Act, Stress, Fire Sprinklers, Air Pollution

Covered by the Act?

Last month we were privileged to have Colleen Johnson as a guest speaker at our general meeting. You will have seen the article on the meeting in last month's City Teacher. This article expands on the information in that article.

The Equalities Act of 2010 combined a number of previous pieces of legislation. One of these was the old Disabilities Discrimination Act which protected people with various disabilities from being unfairly treated at work. Unfortunately the term 'disabled' is often viewed as pejorative, and the perceived stigma discourages people from identifying themselves as disabled. In reality it would be far better if we considered people as having different but equally important abilities in the same way we consider people of different race or sexual orientation to be different but equal.


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