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12th May

Teachers: your pay & conditions are at risk

A short video from Kevin Courtney.

Updated 25th May

Our Dispute is Not Over

The recent retreat by Nicky Morgan does not mean our dispute is over. There are still huge threats to teacher pay and conditions and therefore to student learning conditions.

Our trade dispute is (and always has been) about the threat to terms and conditions that comes from funding cuts, academisation and the de-regulation within STPCD itself. Our demands are for:

a return to national negotiations
specific improvements in terms and conditions,
guarantees that these apply to all state funded schools
the funding to ensure all of this.


All our schools are facing significant cuts, with 8% threatened across next few years overall. George Osborne is freezing schools' money, whilst increasing taxes on the school pay bill by 5%. These cuts are impacting on all schools, perhaps even more on academies.


The STRB has recently reported to Nicky Morgan and, although as yet we do not know the details, we do know that she wanted them to say that teachers can now be moved down the pay spine. Her reaction to their report will appear very soon.


Thousands of schools are still facing both forced and voluntary academisation, including all the schools in local authorities where the Government says a 'tipping point' has been reached or where it says 'standards' aren't high enough. All of this with no evidence that schools improve faster when they are academies! And in particular the Government hasn't been able to show us any evidence that breaking up pay and conditions leads to higher standards.

Teacher Working Conditions = Student Working Conditions

We need guarantees for the teachers in all those schools and improvements for teachers in all schools. These teacher conditions are, after all, our students' learning conditions. Class size increases are bad for teachers AND students. Closing courses and making teachers redundant is bad for them and means students have less choice. Therefore, our campaign to protect teachers and education will continue.

Nicky Morgan clearly intends to use this year's chaotic KS2 sats results to label many schools as coasting. Then Regional Schools' Commissioners will try to force those schools to become academies in Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs). She won't consult parents or staff. We want her to acknowledge that is wrong.

The NUT has written to Morgan demanding genuine consultation, negotiation and a change of direction. We will press for evidence, will challenge the removal of the requirement for elected parent governors and highlight the need for local democratic oversight and support.

Vote Yes!

VOTE YES to defend your conditions of service!

Vote Yes!

The White Paper threatens nationally and locally agreed terms and conditions.

VOTE YES to defend your professional status!

The White Paper threatens the notion of qualified teacher status.

Vote Yes!

VOTE YES to defend your pay!

The White Paper threatens nationally agreed pay scales.

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